Ecomondo 2023, Indoor air quality

Eco Research participated in Rimini at the Ecomondo 2023 trade fair as co-author of an oral contribution in the session “Indoor air quality: the state of knowledge in the light of experience. Development models and control and prevention policies‘, moderated by Prof. Settimo of the Istituto Superiore di Sanit√† and Prof. De Gennaro of the University of Bari.

A selection of students from the ‘Chemistry and Environmental and Sanitary Biotechnology’ course of the ‘Galileo Galilei’ Technological Institute and the ‘Construction-Territory-Environment’ course of the ITCAT ‘A. and P. Delai” of Bolzano, presented the results of the research and monitoring activities carried out over the past year, with a speech entitled “Application with EAS teaching methodology in Situated Learning: development of a prototype for the study of the role of controlled mechanical ventilation on healthiness and air quality in confined environments – teaching processes and models for prototyping in indoor environments”.

The report, in which the students also presented a video of their work, showed the trends of the main parameters analysed (CO2 concentration, TCOV (total volatile organic compounds), aldehydes, PM 10 and PM 2.5 particulate matter, temperature and relative humidity) under different environmental conditions. The results of the monitoring enabled the development of a strategy of actions to improve the quality of the air we breathe indoors, with positive repercussions on the state of alertness (and health) of students, teachers and school staff. In addition, the students of the ‘A. e P. Delai’ school presented the design of a new window frame that allows air changes in the environment without having to open the window.

Eco Research promoted and collaborated in the monitoring by providing its technical and scientific know-how, materials and instrumentation. It took care of the classroom and laboratory training of students to carry out air sampling and analysis, as well as supporting data interpretation. Participation in Ecomondo was an excellent opportunity to present the project results to a wider audience, creating a moment of sharing and discussion with experts in the field. The positive feedback received during the event is an opportunity for reflection and inspiration for the continuation of the project.

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