Eco Research



Eco Research is a research center based in Bolzano and specialized in chemical analyses. Starting from 2020 Eco Research has assumed the legal form of association (ref. Articles 14 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code), carrying out its activity in the headquarters located in Bolzano, via L. Negrelli 13. By its statutes, Eco Research operates as a non-profit organization.


Eco Research focuses on applied, interdisciplinary, and basic research and aims at knowledge dissemination of knowledge, as well as scientific advice and training.

Eco Research promotes innovation, constant rationalization, and continuous improvement of eco-sustainability. Through research and dissemination activities, it improves consensus towards modern technologies and supports the training and specialization of highly qualified researchers.

Its research addresses the development of processes and analytical methods in the industrial, environmental and food sectors. The main research topics are related to the pollution reduction, in particular emerging pollutants, in various matrices through processes such as the hydrothermal carbonization, studies on the indoor air quality, the determination of the geographical origin of agro-forestry products.

Thanks to its consolidated experience and constantly growing skills, Eco Research is a scientific partner in numerous research projects.


Eco Research has taken the legal form of an association, pursuant to Article 14 ff. of the Civil Code.  The Members’ Assembly has various powers and duties, the main ones being:

  • Admission of new Members or exclusion of defaulting Members.
  • Granting Supporter status to cultural bodies and institutions.
  • Appointment of the members of the Executive Board and the President.
  • Appointment of the Supervisory Board.
  • Appointment of the Scientific Committee.
  • Approval of the annual budget and related reports, including the forecast report.

Membership of Eco Research is open to natural persons, legal entities, and bodies, both Italian and foreign, public and private, who apply for it and are admitted by the Members’ Assembly, with a favourable vote of two thirds of all Members.


The status of Supporter is attributed to bodies and cultural institutions that request it in order to contribute financially to the development of Eco Research. Supporters may participate, without the right to vote, in the Members’ Assembly, and therefore have the right to obtain the same information and documents as Members, and thus to be informed about Eco Research’s activities and financial statements.


The Board of Directors is the governing body of Eco Research. It has jurisdiction over the ordinary and extraordinary administration. The signing authority and the representation of the association both in front of third parties and in court belong to the president. The director implements the guidelines for the scientific and managerial administration. The activities of the association are carried out by collaborators operating in research and development.