Isotope analysis for the certification of the origin of agro-food and forestry products and for environmental studies

Eco Research collaborates on research projects with the aim to:

    • Create the first provincial platform for the isotope analysis of heavy elements (87Sr/86Sr) for the certification of origin of local food products and timber;

    • Characterize water cycles at the basin level and in agriculture applying light element isotope analysis (δ2H, δ18O).

Within these projects, Eco Research takes care of the following aspects:

    • Analytical support to the conceptualization and design of research activities in collaboration with the other research partners;

    • Method development, validation and application for the analysis of light (δ2H, δ18O) and heavy (87Sr/86Sr) element isotope ratio in different types of matrix (e.g. vegetable samples, timber, soil, water);

    • Multi-chemical analysis, combining multi-isotope analysis to the multi-element analysis;

    • Data analysis and elaboration;

    • Development of traceability and authenticity models based on the multi-chemical approach;

    • Result dissemination. 


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