Le Mille e una Scienza

Eco Research participated in the science festival ” Le mille e una scienza “, organized by TesLab – Arciragazzi Bolzano Bozen APS and association Accatagliato, with the contribution of Ufficio Politiche Giovanili of the Autonomous Province of Bozen – Bolzano, in collaboration with Ufficio Ricerca Scientifica. The festival (November 11 – 13), dedicated to children and teens, offered a journey into science and research with various initiatives and appointments held by researchers, professors, and scientific communicators.

Eco Research enthusiastically participated in this edition of the festival with a free-access workshop entitled “Discovering the lost origin”. Participants discovered what isotopes are and the importance of some of them to establish the geographical origin of agro-forestry products. They were then able to put what they learned “into practice” and try their hand at “research” through two games to recognize the origin of apples, cereals, timber, and grapes.

The festival represents a meeting point between science and citizens, making complex topics within the reach of the youngest. These appointments are precious to spread scientific culture and stimulate observation and curiosity from childhood. And this is not over, Eco Research fully promotes these initiatives and looks forward to future events!

The activities of the laboratory "Discovering the lost origin" offered by Eco Research.

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