It’s easy to say “plastic”! Information meetings with UPAD

Scientific conferences in cooperation with UPAD Bolzano and Laives

What exactly are we talking about when we use the term ‘plastic’? Today, this term refers to thousands of different types of products and these cover the most diverse uses in everyday life and for the entire world population. Different plastics have different characteristics and are made up of, in addition to the main polymer, thousands of different molecules added to achieve the characteristics required for their use (plasticisers, colouring agents, softeners, flame retardants and others) and this also makes their disposal and possible reuse complicated.

In order to clarify and deepen our understanding of the complex topic of plastics, a cycle of 3 conferences was organised in collaboration with UPAD Bolzano, held between 12 and 26 October in Bolzano and Laives, during which the various polymers that we encounter in everyday life were presented, the codes that represent them, and how we can recognise them on the basis of the labels we find on the various materials.

In addition, it was explained which plastics can be recovered, recycled, or disposed of and what could be done to reduce the amount of plastic that is used every day by everyone, which is fundamental information for every aware citizen.

Bioplastics were also discussed, how they should be used and disposed of, and the problem created by the huge number of plastics being released into the environment, a problem that more and more researchers are addressing worldwide. It was explained what microplastics are, what problems they pose both now and, in the future, and what small steps can be taken to limit their release into the environment.

In order to better illustrate the content of the meetings, a flyer has been produced which can be downloaded here.

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